Shooting Stars

The poem was published by Terrene Magazine in its ‘Issue Three: Summer 2018’. Original link is here.

If the link is broken, you can read it below.

Shooting Stars

Let me harvest the magic of the stars.
To brush my arm against the tapestry of sky and
Pluck those lights off.
There will be no light tonight.

Let me fill my pouch with dying stars and hear
The screams of all the dreams they promised to fulfill but…
No. No more.
There will be no miracles tonight.

Let the shadows rule this night.
Cast away the moon, make him suffer.
Let him wander through the night.
Let him be alone, if only for tonight.

Let the earth be abandoned,
Let it weep and mourn and pray.
Enjoy the pain and let them see that
There will be no dreams.

No, not tonight.

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