To my love

Published by The Kraken’s Spire: Volume 2, April 2020. Alternative link here.

If the link is broken, you can read it below.

To my love

To my love, that never ends;
To my lover, who never rests.

Long cold nights I have spent, waiting
for your warm embraces; clear sky resembled
the vast distance between you and me
and each star was a day until we’d meet.

As I camouflaged myself, I hoped you’d come
and find me cold and shivering in the frozen earth.
Only you can breathe fire into me and bring out
the strength unseen. You are
my North Star; the full moon on a cold, clear night.

I know my heart’s burdened with cries and blights
and despite the biting venoms, you open your heart to wounds.
Although far, you’re near, here – when I ask,
always – when I need. Despite your own pain.

You drown your tears in mine and smile,
through sad and painful, to see me rise.
You’ve given and give; more than enough
is your love… nothing more would I ask.

I laid in my trench, thinking of past warmth,
clutching the frosty rifle, as if it were you.

You nurse all the cuts and bruises; heal
all that’s there to heal.

No thank you is enough,
to be worthy of your love…

… a drug I’m uncured, without;
… a map I’m lost, without.

I’m grateful for who you are,
for who you made us…

…for who we are yet to be…




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