Bright Sky

Published by The Kraken’s Spire: Volume 2, April 2020. Alternative link here.

If the link is broken, you can read it below.

Bright Sky

This gentle, pale cherry-lipped beauty
of the dreams, descends for a solemn duty,
whose moon-lit eyes seek to count the stars,
under the flashing lights in the nightly bars.

A brush of Cupid’s arrow on her silky cheek,
to hush the doubts of a future seek
and ease her heart from the troubled grief,
that her mind, so easy chooses to conceive.

This pitch-black night, a lonely night,
bereft of gilded ornaments that shine so bright,
shall yet conceal the birth of true love
like a blanket cast from far above.

What would the light shine upon
if gods were raising the dawn?
Let the lovers enjoy tonight,
until the bright sky shall resume their blight.




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